Officers & Directors
Jake & Emma Von Busch

1950's | Von Bush & Sons Refuse Service was originally founded in 1951 on a part-time basis by Jake Von Busch Jr., with a side panel truck and one employee, himself. In 1957 Jake decided to make it his career and began a full-time route.

1960's | In 1968, a second full-time route was added with 300 residential and commercial accounts. Foreseeing growth, the company purchased an additional truck in 1968.

1970's | The expansion and growth of Lincoln during the 1970's provided a need for additional commercial services. Von Busch Garbage Service started a full-time roll-off service route for commercial and construction clients in 1971 to fulfill that need.

In 1975 Von Busch Garbage Service began service to the community of Beatrice with three full-time routes, and in 1979 the company began full-time roll-off service to Beatrice and the surrounding areas.

1980's | From 1981 through 1986, City Sanitary Garbage Company operated the landfill for the City of Beatrice. This experience provided background knowledge of debris compaction and maintenance that would later be used in developing recycling programs.

In 1987, the residential and commercial client bas had grown to over 6000, which would bring about the need for new equipment to serve the growing number of clients with the excellent service they were accustomed to.

1990's | The '90's have already brought a great deal of growth and expansion with City of Lincoln Recycling contract.

2000's | Today, the company provides exceptional garbage service to more than 8000 residential and commercial clients in Lincoln, Beatrice and surrounding areas, maintains and services 13 recycling sites within the city of Lincoln, participates in a joint venture with Midland Recycling of LIncoln for the collection of cardboard and office paper, and is currently developing a community recycling center in Beatrice. The office staff, drivers, foremen and crew of Von Busch & Sons have always had a reputation for quality, performance and professionalism in every aspect of their business. This reputation will be upheld to the highest degree.

With the purchase of Ron's Refuse we have expanded our service area even more. Today we serve a customer base of over 10,000.